China Solution Marketing

As an internationally recognised Chinese marketing agency, GMS is a global partner to China’s leading social and digital brands including an enviable direct network of Australian and New Zealand  Chinese influencers.  The expertise extends across online and offline communication and media channels with real and meaningful experience in marketing, advertising and media disciplines, building strategies on deep consumer insights and mainstream accountability metrics.

ANZ Culturally Diverse Communication Strategy

GMS is renowned for building the deepest consumer insights for the largest CALD communities and most niche cultural minorities.  Understanding the micro media landscapes is underpinned by a unique experience in defining the media and social communication behaviours and trends of each group.  This deeper understanding is critical to communicate effectively with diverse cultural groups in Australia and NZ.  GMS supports its CALD solution strategies with an excellence centre for translation and production services.

Global Market Communication Solutions

Only through knowledge of all markets do we truly understand any single culture, community or landscape.


GMS’s primary capability is the experience and skill to quickly and accurately build consumer profiles and media landscapes in any corner of the globe.  Indeed we have lead activations on every continent ranging from population studies across African nations to tourism insights and media strategy in Europe to retail activations in Phnom Penh. Working directly with all media and resource partners in any country, GMS ensures local knowledge is exploited in any multimarket media and communication strategy. Our solutions are benchmarked against in market capabilities to ensure competitive efficiencies.

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