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George Pesutto

Founder of GMS

"We’re confident our experience and credentials in the areas we work are unparalleled"

This is all about bringing together the right combination of skills, experience and passions so that the sum of our parts is an exceptional resource for our clients. 


We combine decades of Australian mainstream media experience and leading research companies with a team of highly intelligent and driven professionals who have worked in China’s biggest media agencies running some of the largest accounts and working in marketing in China for brands like GM and Samsung. 


Ours is a team of some of the most experienced media agency managers who apply years and hundreds of campaign experience in Chinese CALD and global markets to the strategies of our clients. We have a team of truly global citizens with experience in advertising and production across the UK, China, Hong Kong Malaysia, Japan and the USA. Our extended family includes our preferred partners in animation, design and digital automation and a critical cohort of some of Australia's most experienced translators in all key language sets.


Collectively we expect to be judged on the quality and talent of our people, our relentless pursuit of knowledge and the philosophies to which we subscribe that drive the culture and ethics of all that we do toward success for us and our partners.

Proud and active member of 

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